Remick Capital Mission:

To grow clients’ capital at the highest rate possible while minimizing the risk of permanent loss.

About Remick:

Remick Capital was established in 2006, and registered in 2007. Remick Capital, LLC is a Registered Investment Advisor in the state of Oregon. Prior to any advisory work conducted outside of Oregon, Remick Capital will become registered or qualify for an excemption/exlusion to registration in other states. Remick Capital is based just outside of Portland Oregon, in the city of Beaverton, and is run by Benjamin Hacker, an Investment Advisor Representative, who performs all portfolio management and research duties. Throughout this website, Remick Capital and Benjamin Hacker can be used interchangeably as I am the only employee of Remick Capital.

Remick Capital is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor. I do not make money through referrals, or commissions, and I do not accept payments from any institution involved with the financial industry. Remick Capital charges a percentage fee based on the amount of assets managed for you; fees grow only as your assets grow.

Brokerage and Custody Details:

I use an independent third party broker Interactive Brokers for custody and brokerage services for client accounts. Each client is free to use a different broker for their account upon request. Please contact me for more details on how I decide on a broker for clients, and what tradeoffs are involved if you choose to select your own broker.

Meet Your Advisor:

This website has information to help current and potential clients better understand my investment philosophy, services and goals. However, no website is a substitute for personal interaction. I offer consultations free of charge to all clients and potential clients, and I would encourage you to set up a meeting with me to discuss any questions you may have. See the Remick Capital FAQ for any basic questions you may have.
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