Services I Provide:

My core service is the management of separate investment accounts for clients which are invested in the same way that I invest my own portfolio. I can manage a variety of accounts including Roth IRAs, self directed 401(k) plans, 401(k) rollovers, UGMA accounts, and many others. My primary investment strategy is geared toward individual stock and bond purchases, but I also invest in mutual funds and equity options in certain circumstances. Short selling, margin borrowing, and options purchases may also be used in client portfolios.

The individually managed account minimum is currently $20,000 in total for all accounts that are managed by me. The minimum will be waived for clients who sign up for automatic monthly contributions to their account(s) of $300 or more.

In addition to separate account management, I also perform independent analysis for clients’ non-managed portfolios (such as an employer based, non-self directed 401(k) plan) for a negotiated fee.

Services I Do Not Provide:

In my drive to serve clients’ interests, I seek to provide only services at which I can excel at. Due to this philosophy, I do not offer the following services at this time:
  • Estate planning
  • Insurance products
  • Accounting and tax preparation

Advisory Fee Structure:

For managed accounts, the complete fee structure is as follows:
  • 1.25% annually on assets of less than $100,000 under my management.
  • 1.10% annually on assets between $100,000 and $250,000 under my management.
  • 1.00% annually on assets over $250,000 under my management.

Remick Capital, LLC voluntarily covers all trading commission costs charged by our 3rd party custodian Interactive Brokers. Commission costs will be rebated via a backend quarterly advisory fee reduction.

For a more detailed description of my fees, please see the investment advisory contracts located on the Documents page. For non-discretionary, independent portfolio analysis, my fee rate is negotiable and based primarily on account complexity.

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