Client Communications:

My quarterly letters and Annual meeting presentations to clients and prospective clients will be posted here. These reports will go into detail on market conditions, provide commentary on some of our specific investments, and add insight into my investment process.

You can select the specific quarterly or annual report from the drop down menu below.

Investment Reports:

Periodically, I will make available summary investment analysis to provide you with a better understanding of how I go about selecting individual investments, and to educate you on some of the results from specific investments. The summary table below contains reports on investments that haveperformed well, as well as those that did not work out as planned. I will also at times provide reports on early stage investments so you can understand the rational behind certain selections.

I hope that by making these reports available to you it will provide a more tangible example of my investment thought process. Currently available reports (as well as stock charts) are located below:

Fairfax Financial
Nicholas Financial
Unico American
Garmin Ltd
Quipp Systems
Leucadia National
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