I strive to attain three simultaneous goals with respect to returns in the "core" or long term portfolios I manage:
  • These goals may not always be achieved, but they are the forces that guide all my investment selections.

Don’t Lose Money:

At all times, my goal is to maintain the principal in Remick Capital accounts. I will attempt to only purchase investments with enough margin of safety to protect against any major portfolio losses. In general I welcome volatility as it can create opportunities to purchase great companies at attractive prices, but I understand the value of being able to sleep at night knowing your investment capital is secure. Please see my 1st Quarter 2008 Letter to see a more detailed description of how I approach risk management.

Outperform the US Stock Market:

Over the shorter term (two to five years), my goal is to outperform the US stock market as defined by the Wilshire 5000 index ETF.

Provide Clients with a Real Return of 10%:

My long term (five years and longer) investment goal is to double clients’ money in real (inflation adjusted) terms every 7 years.

Performance Summary:

Below is the performance summary (as well as benchmark data) for accounts managed by Remick Capital as of the quarter ended 6/30/2019. As of that date, total Assets Under Management (AUM) for Remick Capital were approximately $11.3m. Average Annual (Inception) performance is calculated since inception on 3/31/2007. Please view the performance disclosure to keep results in context.

Remick Composite
Wilshire 5000
10% Real Return
11 Year
Nine Year
Seven Year
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