Investing Education:

At Remick Capital I try to help clients understand the basics. Even if you don't select your own investments, it is very helpful to have a firm handle on some fundamental investing concepts. This page is dedicated to help clients with understanding some of the essential products and concepts of investing. I believe that knowledge is power, and hopefully the information located here can make you, or someone you know, a little more knowledgable. Below are some presentations that cover introductory investing topics. The presentations below are available in both Adobe PDF, as well as Microsoft Power Point format.

Why We Invest
Summary of how companies make money, and why stock and bond holders get paid.
Bond Overview
Covers the basics of what a 'bond' is, and how they work.
Short Selling Overview
Covers the mechanics of shorting.
Mutual Fund Overview
Covers the basics of mutual funds and how they work.
Calculating Returns
Covers the basics on how to calculate and think about investment returns.

Below are a few guest overview presentations I have given to the Oregon State University finance club.

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