Privacy Policy:

Keeping clients’ information private is of primary importance at Remick Capital. The Remick Capital privacy policy can be downloaded here:

Advisory Agreements:

Remick Capital provides simple and affordable fee-based investment advisory services. Below is a copy of the standard advisory agreement that I enter into with my clients who want me to take full discretion for their accounts.
As an alternative to the standard discretionary agreement, performance based fee arrangements are available to clients who meet the 'qualified' investor definition of SEC rule 205-3 and OAR 441-205-0170. For those clients who are unsure if they meet the qualified investor definition, please contact me directly and I can address any questions you may have.

As mentioned in other parts of this site, I also offer non-discretionary account management options for those who may just want me to review a 401(k) plan, or provide some insight into another financial advisors' recommendations for your assets. The non-discretionary contract for Remick Capital clients is listed below.

Disclosure Documents:

The US securities laws require certain disclosures and statements to be made to clients before they hire an investment advisor. The Form ADV (parts one and two) below is the required form filed with the securities authorities. The Disclosure Statement document is a summary of the relevant information from the Form ADV that clients are required to consider carefully before hiring Remick Capital as their investment advisor.

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